Ms. Burrell's First Grade Class
Dahlgren School
Dahlgren, Virginia
Winter Lullaby


We read the book Winter Lullaby. It was written by Barbara Seuling and illustrated by Greg Newbold. Winter Lullaby is a beautiful book that showed us what some animals do in the cold winter. We especially enjoyed the beautiful illustrations! We worked together and wrote 5W poems to tell about the animals in the book. A 5W poem answers the questions “Who?,What?, When?, Where? and Why?”

Here is the format we followed to write our poems.
Line 1: Who or what is the poem about
Line 2: What action is happening?
Line 3: When does the action take place? 
Line 4: Where does the action take place? 
Line 5: Why does this action happen? 


Hang upside down
In winter
In a cavern
Because they’re hibernating.


Sleep in hay
In winter
In the barn
Because it’s too cold outside.


Curl up
In winter
In a den
Because they’re cold.


Go to the bottom of the water
When it’s icy
In the lake
Because it’s too cold on top.


Stay in their hive
In winter
In a hollow tree
Because the flowers are covered with snow.


Fly south 
When winter comes
Up in the sky
Because they can’t find food.

We also talked about what WE did in the winter. We decided to make our own pages to tell about things that we liked to do when it snows. We used rhyming words like Barbara Seuling did in Winter Lullaby. We did our illustrations in KidPix Deluxe 3.

When the snow covers the ground, do the children of Dahlgren go?

DoDEA Standards met by this project.

Educational Technology Standards
Students will:
· Use technological tools for learning, communications, and productivity.
· Participate in a telecollaborative project.
Language Arts/ Reading Standards
Students will: 
· Use literature as a springboard to writing.
· Engage in a group writing project.
· Make connections to personal experiences or between other pieces of literature.
· Interpret plays, poems and stories through discussion or some form of art.

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