Mrs. Cloer's First Grade
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Mitchell Road School
The Night the Moon
Blew Kisses

Swirly Twirly Kisses
Written by Cloer's Classy Clowns after reading
The Night the Moon Blew Kisses

Snow falling gently
Willowy-billowy kisses
Icy kisses
Raindrops falling gently
Laughing wisps of kisses
Young snowy kisses

Twirly swirly kisses
Winter snow kisses
Icy snowflakes swirling
Reindeer running in the snow
Littering swirling snow kisses
Yawning moonlight, snowy kisses

Kisses blowing on our faces
Ice and snow swirling
Swirling twirling fluttering kisses
Silvery kisses
Eating kissing snow
Snowmen's smiling faces


These are snow globes made by Georgia Cloer's class. They used water, corn syrup and glitter.

This is Ashley's torn paper snowman
This is Chad's snowman

South Carolina Curriculum Standards Implemented:
· Activate prior knowledge
· Predict and infer
· Poetry-Acrostic poems
· Descriptive writing
· Determines the important information to remember

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