Ms. Goddard's Second Grade Class
Lincoln Elementary School
La Crescenta, California
Stella, Queen of Snow

Queen of the Snow
By Marie – Louise Gay

Greetings from the Golden State,
We read Stella, Queen of the Snow. Sam, Stella’s little brother, experienced his very first snowstorm and had a lot of questions about snow. We rarely have snow, so this seemed like a perfect match for us. 
After thoroughly enjoying the book, we decided to make snowmen for our project. We divided our class into five groups. Each group made a snowman. After the snowmen were made, they wrote a description describing their snowman. Next, each group traded their descriptions and followed their descriptions to make a new snowman. The object was to see if the original and the redrawn snowman matched. See how close our snowmen match.

Snowboarder Jr.

By David, Armen, Jonathan, and Ezra

Snowboarder Jr. is on a snowboard and his snowboard has red on each end and in the middle it is skyblue. He had thick branches for arms and on the end of his arms there are two purple mittens. His skis are on his back. The skis also have red on each end like the snowboard but it has a purple middle. It has a read smiley mouth and a goggle that has a black middle and a blue edge. He has a carrot nose. It has a skyblue hat with a dark blue stripe but it just looks like purple because its mixed with skyblue.



By Shane, Steven, Nathan and Erik

Our snowman's name is Frosty. He is made of two snowballs, one is big and the other one is smaller. He has five round purple buttons, one red and green striped scarf, and two brown sticks for hand. The left hand is holding a brown broomstick with yellow straw and a red stripe around it. He has two blue round eyes, one orange carrot for his nose. He has a green leprechaun hat with a yellow buckle with a black stripe on the hat. His mouth is made of ten blue round buttons shaped into a smile.



By Kristina, Chelsea, Georgie and Jessica

Our snowman has three round balls for its body. A round body that's a little bit bigger than the head. The bottom ball is the biggest one of all. Our snowman has a black hat. Our snowman also has a green and pink scarf around its neck. It has four black buttons in the middle of its tummy. It has two black eyes and it has an orange triangular nose and seven black buttons for his mouth. The buttons make its smile. She has two sticks for her arms and hands. 



Too Too Cool

By Daniel, Elin, Shant, and Ariel

Too Too Cool has three snowballs for its body. He has black sunglasses and a brown hat that is shaped like a hexagon with a cross inside it. He has a two-fingered stick on each side of his body. He has a picture of an American flag on the bottom snowball. It has God Bless America on it. He has five line shaped stars on the sides of the middle snowball. He has three rainbow buttons in the middle of the 5 lined shaped stars. He has long mustache. He has pink earmuffs. He has a yellow cap that is a half-circle. His nose is a baby carrot. He has six buttons for his mouth. The buttons are in a straight line.



By Natalie, Kalie, Jane, and Brittany

Our snowman's name is Kim. She is made of three snowballs. She has a purple mouth, three blue buttons, and a red swirl at the bottom. She has brown arms, a carrot nose, pink eyelashes, green eyes and a black Paris hat. She has red cheeks. She has blue earrings and brown hair. A diamond ring that's gold and red is on her right hand. Kim has a green and purple award on the second snowball. She is carrying a dark blue purse. She has a purple flower pocket on the left side of the middle snowball. She has two bows. She came from Paris! 



Our Poem About A Snowman


Shivering, slippery

Just standing around

Happy to be there


Language Arts Standards 
For Second Grade in California

2.0 Reading Comprehension
2.2 Use knowledge of the author's purpose to comprehend informational text.
2.8 Follow two-step written instructions.

1.0 Students write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea.
1.1 Group related ideas and maintain a consistent focus.
1.4 Revise original drafts to improve sequence and provide more descriptive detail.

Written and Oral English Language Conventions
1.0 Students write and speak with a command of standard English conventions appropriate to this grade level.
1.2 Recognize and use the correct word order in written sentences.

NETS for students

4.Technology communications tools
Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

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