Ms. Heatherly's First Grade Class
Mitchell Road Elementary
Greenville, South Carolina
The Black Snowman


We enjoyed our study of The Black Snowman. It helped us to realize how important each and everyone of us are to each other. We first wrote an acrostic with the word BROTHER to describe Jacob.

B ig

R un

O lder

T all

H urt

E nvy

R age

This is Cyndel's acrostic

This is Erika's acrostic.

Next each student designed a Magic Kente. (We did them on black paper for our display in the hallway. For the project, we had to redo them on white paper so that they would show up.)

This is Hunter's Magic Kente.

This is Maggie's Magic Kente.

Finally we wrote a story about what happen to the magic kente.

This is Andrea's ending.

South Carolina Curriculum Standards 

I. Reading and Literature 
F. The student will read and comprehend a variety of fiction and nonfiction selections. 
G. The student will read familiar stories, poems, or passages with fluency and expression.

II. Listening 
A. The student will continue to expand and use listening vocabularies.
B. The student will listen and understand read alouds, discussions, speakers, and other oral presentations.

III. Speaking
A. The student will adapt or change oral language to fit the situation.
B. The student will continue to demonstrate growth in the use of oral language. 
C. The student will continue to expand and use speaking vocabularies.

IV. Writing 
A. The student will write to communicate ideas.
B. The student will print legibly. 
C. The student will publish a variety of texts, such as stories, poems, plays, directories, newspapers, charts, and diagrams.
D. The student will engage in sustained writing.

V. Research
 B. The student will access and use information from observations, conversations, technology, and books to create oral and written stories and reports.

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