Mrs. Newman's Kindergarten Class
Holm Elementary School
Pensacola, Florida
When Winter Comes


Our class had an interesting time discussing "frosty weather". It didn't help that it was 68 and muggy on the day we did a lot of our project, but we improvised as you will see.

We started off by reading the book When Winter Comes by Robert Maass. We discussed how people in the book got ready for winter and than compared that to how we get ready for winter. We came up with the following comparisons.

Winter Up North

Winter Down South

 put snow tires on cars we do not do anything to our tires-- the most we do is put antifreeze in the radiator in case we ever get a hard freeze
 shovel snow off sidewalks put winterizer in our grass
can ice skate outside on frozen ponds  go ice skating inside at the Civic Center
can play ice hockey outside go watch the Ice Pilots play hockey at the Civic Center
can have snowball fights can have "tissue paper snow ball" fights (not NEAR as fun!)
can go sledding  can ride our bicycles and roller skate
 schools can have snow days  no snow days for us (boo hoo)
 can build a snowman  can build a Florida Snowman
 can make snow angels  can make paper angels
 can catch snowflakes on your tongue can catch rain on our tongue
wear heavy coats, boots, mittens, hats, and scarves  sometimes we get to wear a heavy coat, but those days are few and far between!
 can go to the mountains and ski  can go to the beach and surf/swim

After compiling our list of differences, we imagined what it would be like if winter came to Florida. This evoked an animated discussion because , believe it or not, some of us have actually seen snowflakes down here! It took some prodding to encourage the boys and girls to tell a story , but we finally came up with the one below!

One morning Mrs. Newman's Kindergarten was working on their ABC's. Matthew looked out the window and shouted, "Look everybody! It is snowing outside!" Everybody got excited and wanted to go outside! Mrs. Newman said," Put on your long sleeved jackets!" The class went outside.

Our class decided to build a snowman. We made little, big, and large snowballs. Christopher put a carrot nose on it. Lesha put a cowboy hat on it. Heidi put a scarf around its neck. Logan put buttons on it to make a mouth. Guess what happened next? The snowman came to life!

We played games with it! We played Frisbee too! We rolled down hills with him! We decided to call him the Florida Snowman! Then something very sad happened. The sun came out. Our Florida Snowman started to melt!

We were very sad. We all started to cry. Mrs. Newman told us that if we came inside she could make us feel better. She told us that we could make snowmen in our class. So we went in and made them. Guess what! We got to eat them too! Yum! Yum!

We wanted to bring winter to our classroom after writing this story, so we engaged in a couple of projects to make this happen. First, we glued pretzels together and painted them white to make snowflakes. We hung them from the ceiling of our classroom.

Next, we decided that we better make this "Florida Snowman" so that everyone could see what we were talking about! We took 3 garbage bags and filled them with newspaper. We glued them on top of each other and glued balled up tissue all over it. Next, we glued on eyes, buttons, and a carrot nose. We found some sticks for his arms. We finished our snowman by putting a sombrero and Hawaiian shirt on him! He was so cute and our room finally looked like winter had hit it!

To culminate our Frosty project, we made edible snowmen on Friday. Each child used 3 marshmallows, 2 M&M's, 2 mini Hershey Kisses, 2 pretzel sticks, a Dream Puff cookie, and frosting to put together the tasty treat. It looks like it is melting doesn't it?!?!

We invited our principal and assistant principal down to our room so that we could share all of the neat things we had learned about winter. We even sang our Winter in Florida song! If you know the tune of Winter Wonderland you can sing it too!

Seagulls sing, are you listening 
At the beach, surf is glistening 
A beautiful sight, a sunset tonight 
Walking in a winter wonderland

Stored away are the snow skis 
Here we stay in our short sleeves 
We will sing a new song
This is where we belong 
Living in a winter wonderland

In the yard we can trim a palm tree
Then pretend to shovel lots of snow 
You'll say, "Do you miss it?" We'll say, "NO MAN!"
"We feel better by the moment don't you know!"

Later on we'll conspire
To grill some shrimp by the fire
The plans we have made 
Include some sun and some shade 
Living in a winter wonderland!

These activities incorporated the following Florida Sunshine State Standards: Language Arts

The student determines the main idea or essential message from text and identifies supporting information.

The student writes questions and observations about familiar topics, stories, or new experiences.

The students uses personal perspective in responding to a work of literature, such as relating characters and simple events in a story or biography to people or events in his or her own life.

Visual Arts

The student uses two-dimensional and three dimensional media, techniques, tools,and processes to depict works of art from personal experiences, observation, or imagination.


The student recognizes that the same material can exist in different states.

The student verifies that things can be done to materials to change some of their physical properties, but not all materials respond the same way.

Social Studies

The student identifies some physical and human characteristics of places. SS.B2.1.1

Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Frosty Readers 2002 - All Rights Reserved