Ms. Plumtree's 1&2  Grade Class
Lincoln Elementary School
La Crescenta, California
My First Little House Book

Having a combination class keeps me looking for activities that will work for both grade levels. I selected the My First Little House books which were adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie Books because I wanted to incorporate the social science standards for both grade levels with my shared/ guided reading language arts content standards. The unit started with a read aloud of A Rookie biography about Laura Ingalls Wilder. The children were then placed into book club groups. The groups had several days to read the books and respond to some questions that I had prepared. After discussing the questions, and their feelings about their books, the children had the opportunity to respond to their book by writing a “cinquain”, “a who, what, when, where and why” poem and writing a “letter” to someone in the story. When their responses were finished, the children decided which of their writings they wanted to publish. We have gotten so involved in the project that we are checking out one of the little house cookbooks and we will be making a recipe or two. The children really want to make some maple syrup. 
For our classroom copy of their work, the children are illustrating their writings in Kid Pix. Enjoy!!

The writings you see posted are the ones that the children chose.

Nice works
Working, making, cooking
He makes maple syrup

By #4
Happy, excited
Stopping, coming, handing
Laura gets a package

By #5
Plays with her dad
At night
In the house
Because they want to play.

By # 8
January 29, 2002

Dear Laura,
Did your father make the fire, or did your mom do it? I like when you quickly tasted a snowflake from Pa’s sleeve.

Your Friend,

January 29, 2002

Dear Laura,
I wonder why Ma said you may not go out to play tomorrow. I think she thinks it’s too cold. Tomorrow it might be warmer.


January 29, 2002

Dear Laura,
I am a girl like you. I have a doll like you. I work like you. I have a sister like you. You and I are the same.

Your Friend,
# 20

Cute, brown
Running, jumping, biting
He is so cute

By 14 
In the night
In a house
Because he smells something good cooking.

By # 19
January 29, 2002

Dear Laura,
I know you can’t do churning, and I can’t bake my own food. I think your sister is lucky because she gets to do the churning. My brother is lucky because he makes his own breakfast with my mommy. Laura we are the same.

# 11

January 29, 2002
Dear Jack,
I like dogs like you. I like dogs because I have a dog. I have a brown dog like you Jack.

# 12
January 29, 2002

Dear Carrie,
I know you can’t talk, but your Mom can read this to you. I can’t stop reading about you because you are so cute. I really love your little tiny smile.

Your Friend,
By # 10

January 29, 2002

Dear Laura,
It must have been fun playing with Mary and the paper doll. I wish I could do all the fun things you do. I’ve wanted to bake a lot and at least churn the butter once in my entire life.

Your Friend,
# 18

January 29, 2002

Dear Laura,
I have some dolls too. My Mom made some for me too. I helped my Mom make my dolls. Now I play with them.

Your Reader,
# 9

He pets the animals at night
In the barn
To take care of them
Because he likes to take care of them.

By # 13
Cannot take care of the horses
In the barn
Because he is too young.

By # 16

The following are the California Content Standards that were addressed:

Grade One- History- Social Science Content Standards 

1.4 (3) Recognize similarities and differences of earlier of earlier generations in such areas as work, (inside and outside the home), dress, manners, stories, games, and festivals, drawing from biographies, oral histories, and folklore.

Grade One: English Language Arts Content Standards

2.0 reading Comprehension
2.2 Respond to who, what, when, why, and how questions

3.0 Literary response and Analysis
Students read and respond to a wide variety of significant works of children’s literature.

3.3 Recollect, talk, and write about books read during the school year.

1.0 Writing Strategies

1.1 Select a focus when writing
1.2 Use descriptive words when writing

Grade Two: History-Social Science Content Standards

2.1 Students differentiate between things that happened long ago and things that happened yesterday.

Grade Two: English-Language Arts Content Standards

2.0 Reading comprehension 

Comprehension and analysis of Grade- level-Appropriate Text
2.2 State the purpose for reading

1.0 Writing Strategies
2.2 write a friendly letter complete with the date, salutation, body, closing and signature.

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