It's that time of year again, so Susan and Pattie traded in their magic wands for snowsuits.  It's time to cuddle up by the fire, stay warm, and enjoy reading winter books!


Patricia Knox
Technology Support Specialist
North Canton City Schools
North Canton, Ohio
Greentown  Elementary Web Site
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Susan Silverman
Instructional Technology Integration Teacher
Comsewogue School District
Port Jefferson Station, New York
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Project Objectives:

Since this is a global project, the activities are designed to support  learning standards from a variety of geographical areas.  It also supports the following  National Educational Technology Standards for Students. (NETS)

NETS for Students

1.  Basic operations and concepts

  • Students are proficient in the use of technology.

2.  Social, ethical, and human issues

  • Students develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity.

3.  Technology productivity tools

  • Students use productivity tools to collaborate in constructing technology-enhanced modesl, preparing publications, and producing other creative works.

4.  Technology communications tools

  • Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.

Project participants will be expected to list the learning standards for their state or region.  They are welcome to list the NETS standards.

Recommended For Students:

Grades K-2 (ages 5-7)
Teachers will also have a resource to uses for lower primary students.


Participating classes will read books about winter.   These books can be fact or fiction.  Students will engage in a language arts activity that will be showcased on a web site.  Classes are invited to electronically submit a maximum of six illustrations per class.  Students may work individually, in small groups or as a class.  The URL for this project is:
With the exception of online activities, all work will be posted on this web site.  We are encouraging each participant to create an online interactivity based on their book.  The activities can be created in Quia or with any other program of choice.


All materials are due by January 31, 2002. The site will remain posted to be used as a resource for teachers and students. 

Number of Participants:

There will be a separate page for a twenty-five participating classes.  More classes will be added if  Susan and Pattie have the time and energy!

Suggested Activities:

  • Author Study

  • Write a book review

  • Create new endings for the story

  • Rewrite the story as a play

  • Interview the author

  • Write a poem about the book or a character in it

  • Create graphic organizers

  • Feel free to use your imagination and add to this list.  Interactive writing as well as shared writing and independent writing activities are encouraged.

Visit last year's Frosty Readers for more ideas.

How to register:

Please e-mail  the following information to Susan and Pattie

  • Your name, e-mail address, URL, school name, town, state, phone number


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