Mrs. Rastin's Second Grade
Trafagalar Public School
Ontario, Canada
Snowed in at
Pokeweed Public School
In our class we read "Snowed In at Pokeweed Public School" by John Bianchi. It is a story about a snow day with a twist...stuck at school! The class thought that that might be a fun thing to happen! After reading the story, we did a snowman story retell.
Each of us also did a snowman glyph following written directions.
We read through the story again to discover and record nouns. We then made snowflakes and wrote the nouns on the flakes and made A Blizzard of Nouns.

Daily practice on the computer was done through Quia with:

Flashcards (proper/common nouns and verbs)

Hangman Vocabulary

Story Order

We had a great time! (and Mrs. Rastin is glad that we are NOT Snowed In at Trafalgar Public School!)

Provincial Standards:

-reads a variety of simple written materials for
different purposes
-uses some conventions of written materials to help
understand and use the materials
-retells a story in proper sequence, identifies the
main idea and the characters, and discusses some
aspects of the story
-use some materials from other media to enhance their
-identifies nouns as words that name people, places,
and things

-creates and interprets displays of data, and presents
and discusses the information
-collects and organizes data
-poses questions about meanings derived from the data
on graphs
-organizes data using graphic organizers and various
recording methods

-demonstrates skill and knowledge in using computers
-uses familiar technology appropriately

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