Mrs. Rosati's First Grade
Class Page
Bloomfield Elementary
Bloomfield, New York

Jan Brett Author Study

Our Mittens
We used Kid Pix to draw animal mittens
inspired by Jan Brett's book, The Mitten.
By Chase, Cody, Cori, Keenan, Tommy and Will
Re-telling of The Mitten
We used masks by Jan Brett
to re-tell the story.
Venn Diagram
We used Inspiration to compare two of
Jan Brett's books, The Mitten and The Hat.
By Kevin
Hedgehog Drawings
There is a hedgehog in many of Jan Brett's books.
We drew hedgehogs using instructions from Jan Brett.
by Emily and Matt
Hedgehog Facts
We used Jan Brett's website
to learn more about hedgehogs.

By Ben, Johanna, Kimmy, Richie and Tyler
Animal Tracks in the Snow
We looked for different kinds
of animal tracks in the snow.
About Jan Brett
We wrote stories about our author.
By Lauren and Maddi
Learning Standards
NYS Learning standards
related to this project.
Jan Brett's Website
You can find lots of interesting information
about Jan Brett and her books.

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