Mrs. Schmidt's First Grade Class
Corpus Christi School
Willingboro, New Jersey
The Biggest Best Snowman

The story we read was about a little girl name Nell who everyone in her family thought she was too small to do anything. One day she went out into the woods and with the help of her animal friends she helped make the Biggest, Best Snowman.

Her family couldn't believe that she was able to do but it taught them all a lesson.

No matter how small you are you can help do good things.

We brainstormed what other things we thought Nell would be able to do. Here is what we came up with.

Nell can make a cake with help from Big Sarah, and Big Mama.

Nell got up and she made her bed. Then she made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Little Nell learned how to make cookies.

Now Little Nell learned that she can make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Little Nell can help Big Mama plant flowers.

Little Nell made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Big Mama, Big Sarah and Big Lizzie were surprised.

This project is in alignment with the following standards:
New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards 
Language and Literacy
3.2 listen actively in a variety of situations to information from a variety of sources.
3.3 write in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes. 
3.4 read various materials and texts with comprehension and critical analysis.
3.5 view, understand, and use non-textual visual information.

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