Mrs. Shimek's First Grade
Orchard Hill Elementary
North Canton, Ohio
Stranger in the Woods


Lesson Objectives: The student will learn how animals in our demographic area live during the winter. They will learn what they eat, where they sleep, use descriptive words to describe their coat colors, and choose one interesting fact. The students will work in a group and work as a team.

These objectives were completed by using the following resources:
· Fourth Grade Book Buddies read literature found on the internet that was beyond First Grade Reading Level to the students.

· The students used Yahooligans to research their animal. The choices were: Douglas Squirrel Raccoon, Townsend's Chipmunk, Striped Skunk or the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit.

· The student went to the library to find additional information that helped them fill out a teacher created data sheet.

· The additional sources to fill in the data sheets were the Internet and Your Big Backyard magazines.

· The teacher conducted a lesson using art reproductions on how to create an outdoor winter scene using details.

· The students used clay to make a track print in the clay. They were then able to identify their animals track prints as they would appear in the snow.

· The students used a paper vest to complete their book report. On the back of their vest each student created a winter scene with details that included their animal.

· On the front the students wrote where their animal sleeps and what it eats during the winter.

· Each student presented their vest to the class and they will share them with their Book Buddies.


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