Mrs. Weber's First Grade
Class Page
Greentown Elementary
North Canton, Ohio
Bob the Snowman

Our class loves the story of Bob the Snowman by Sylvia Loretan and Jan Lenica.
We read the story over and over. Our class was studying about making comparisons so we decided to compare ourselves to Bob. We used Kidspiration and made diagrams similar to Venn diagrams. It was fun to see how we are like a snowman!

We also used the story of Bob to help us learn about the water cycle. We picked words out of a basket. The words were cloud, percipitation, puddle, and evaporation.

We had to write our word on a paper plate and illustrate it. The we put the plates around our neck. Every cloud had to find a precipitation partner and every puddle had to find an evaporation partner.
Then the cloud-precipitation pair had to find a puddle-evaporation pair. When we had four people together we made a circle and we were the water cycle! We saw how the cycle goes over and over again.
We also used Timeliner on our computer to make a timeline of the book. It was hard to decide what to put in our timeline but we think we included all the big events of the story.

We hope you will read Bob the Snowman and enjoy it as much as we did


Create and use graphic organizers such as Venn diagrams or webs, with
teacher assistance, to demonstrate comprehension.

Compare information (e.g., recognize similarities) in texts with prior
knowledge and experience.

Identify the sequence of events.

Visualise the information in texts, and demonstrate this by drawing
pictures, discussing images in texts or writing simple descriptions.

Use organizatiomal strategies (e.g., brainstorming, lists, webs, Venn
diagrams) to plan writing.

Use available technology to compose text.

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