Carolynn Bruton's Grade 2 Class
Springfield Convent Junior School
Wynberg, South Africa

Gift from the Sun

The girls have just read Gift of the Sun by Dianne Stewart and are busy creating their own South African summer farm stories using StoryBook Weaver, Kidspiration and Clicker. These will be completed soon and posted on our web site.

They have looked at where their overseas colleagues live by using an online childrens' atlas and we have discussed why our seasons are so different from theirs at this time.  Click here for  some adaptable seasons lesson teaching ideas and causes of the seasons.  Here are a few examples of the Grade 2P and 2T Summer senses mind maps.They created these after a sensory visit to the Springfield garden.  Please visit our project web site to see the rest of our work. 


Our sensory visit at the Springfield Garden

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