Mrs. Canning's Third Grade Class
Academy at King Edward
Edmonton, Alberta
All You Need For a Snowman

All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle, Barbara Lavallee (Illustrator)

"One small snowflake fluttering down-that's all you need for a snowman..."

Using the story, All You Need for a Snowman, students in Mrs. Canning�s classroom chose to study descriptive language and writing using a sequence. First, the students charted the different items a snowman might have. Next, they brainstormed descriptors for each of the items. Finally, they chose five different things to include on their snowman.

Once the students had written out the sequence of what their snowman needed using Kidspiration, they then followed their own steps to draw decorate their snowman.

The next phase is to share the same snowman template with another class and have them follow the students� steps to see if the two snowmen end up looking alike!

� Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Frosty Readers 2005