Mrs. Keating's First Grade Class
Bridget Garrity, Computer Teacher
All Saints Catholic School
Pottsville, Pennsylvania


 My First grade class in Pottsville, PA at All Saints selected Snowballs by Lois Ehlert. We chose our own "frosty names" for winter fun. We used cool whip to make the shape of a snowman and all sorts of objects to creatively decorate our snowmen. Raisins, Tic-Tacs, material feathers, buttons, pipe cleaners, old game pieces, and all sorts of things were used.

 In the Computer Lab we drew an indoor and outdoor winter scene using KidPix3. Using our "frosty names" we're writing poetry. We had great fun with the activity and enjoyed seeing the other projects. We've sent a few your way. Enjoy the rest of winter! We've had many early dismissals and delays as a result of snow!
Reresa Keating  and Bridget Garrity

� Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Frosty Readers 2005