Mrs. Kosiorek's First Grade Computer Students
Liberty Elementary School
Great Meadows, New Jersey

Geraldine's Big Snow

The students in the two first grades in our school read the book Geraldine's Big Snow by Holly Keller. After reading we brainstormed different things that they think of when they think of winter. Then I read to them several books that describe an object and then tell you what it is such as What Bug Is It? by Pat Cummings. So the children then in the computer lab first wrote clues and drew the "answers" using KidPix. I then put them together into several different PowerPoint Presentations that we have been using as our opening to our morning news broadcasts on WLES News! The children had a great time doing the project and the rest of the school enjoys solving the clues. Here is one of our PowerPoint Presentations.  If your computer does not have Power Point, you can download a free viewer.

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