Mrs. Madden's Second Grade Class
Blythe Academy
Greenville, South Carolina

Snowflake Bentley

We completed the Frosty Readers project during our unit on Biographies. Therefore, we decided to read Snowflake Bentley. As we read, we took guided notes about the important events in Wilson Bentley�s life. We then created a timeline using Timeliner software. Students used their notes to write biographies about the life of this snowflake scientist.
After creating these guided biographies, students were ready to become more independent with biography writing. We decided to write �Blythe Biographies� about the important people at our school. First, we decided to interview the selected staff members to learn about their lives. Students used a teacher-created interview form to do this. Students also took pictures of the staff members with our digital camera. After interviewing staff members, students wrote their biographies to be published in a class book to be placed in our school�s office visitor area.
Here is an example of a completed biography.  Feel free to use these biography interview sheets.  (word format) (pdf format)
All About Ms. Street
Ms. Street was born on July 1. Her favorite thing to do when she was a child was to go outside and play. She is our Physical Education teacher. What she likes about her job is that she doesn�t have to dress up. What she doesn�t like about her job is doing paper work! Her favorite place to go is to the park with her dog. On the weekends she likes to spend time with her family. Did you know her favorite game to play is Save the Fortress?

By: Robert

Finally, students were given an assignment to complete an at-home biography project on any famous person of their choice. Students wrote biographies on everyone from artists to authors to musicians to civil rights leaders! These biographies were graded with this rubric.  Feel free to use these rubrics with your students.  (word format) (pdf format)

We will use this Kidspiration template to review different genres of writing that we have learned this year. Each student will choose three different genres of writing to complete about winter to use with this template. (Download Kidspiration Template)

� Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Frosty Readers 2005