Mrs. Peterson's First Grade Class
Nipomo Elementary School
Nipomo, California

Stranger in the Woods

I read Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams and Jean Stoick to my 19 first graders. Afterwards we discussed how the different forest animals responded to the stranger in different ways. We noticed how the author made some animal characters talk about the stranger with their own unique voices. Next we talked about the forest habitat and made a chart list of animals that live there.
The goal of our project was to create an "eBook" in repsonse to Stranger in the Woods. Each child chose a snowy forest scene from three templates I had set up in Kid Pix and first created a snowman. Then each student stamped an animal onto the scene and created a speech bubble with something the animal might say. I encouraged the children to try and think of the special characteristics of their chosen forest animal as they decided what to put in the speech bubble.
 After all had finished their individual "eBook" pages I put them together into a slide show. Here is a movie of our show!
These are the Kid Pix files that are in our show.


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