Ms. Templin's Grade K-3 Students
LaVeta Bauer Elementary
Miamisburg, Ohio

Thomas' Snowsuit

My class is so excited to see their work on the website! We worked so hard on writing our pieces and painting ourselves in word paint. We read Thomas' Snowsuit by Robert Munsch and discussed the feelings Thomas had throughout the book as he was made to wear the worst piece of clothing he owned.
We used Kidspiration to web our feelings about wearing clothes we hate...all of my students blamed their moms for making them wear their "worst clothes"! After our class web, my students worked on creating their own webs using Kidspiration. Then, the kids created their illustrations of themselves wearing their worst clothes on Word Paint.
Once the pics were completed, the kids took their webs from Kidspiration to use as a guide in writing their final drafts on their Word Paint page. Each child had a great time writing and drawing about their worst clothes...I heard many giggles.
Throughout this project, we pulled up this website to see student projects which were being published. We thank you for this opportunity to share our work.
Mrs. Templin and class.
Note From Web Designer: Get ready to laugh!!!

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