Ms. Ward's Second Grade Class
Lincoln School
Newark, New Jersey


We read the book Snowballs  by Lois Ehlert. In this book a family looks forward to the first big now of the season. The children save things all year long to decorate their snow family. It finally snows and the children and parents build a snow family in their yard.

The 2nd grade students used Storybook Weaver, Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Word to write and illustrate stories about the book. As a culminating activity they made snow families using the recipe for Rice Krispy treats. The Krispy Snow people were decorated with M&M's, and two kinds of licorice. They were delicious!

Ahmad  Grade 2  Lincoln School

In the story "Snowballs" they made snowpeople and they were really funny. There was a snowdad, a snowmom, a snow son, a snowdaughter, a snowdog and a snowcap. They were decorated with so many different things. They were decorated with popcorn, nuts and strings.

Ashanti G.  Grade 2  Lincoln School

In my class we read a story called Snowballs. The story is about snow, but the story is mostly about snowballs and making a snow family. They made a snowman dad, and a snowman mom. They also made a snowman boy, girl, dog, and cat. The snow family was decorated with popcorn and other nice stuff. Some birds came flying by and ate all of the nice stuff that they could eat off the snow family.


� Patricia Knox & Susan Silverman - Frosty Readers 2005