Mrs. Woeste's Grade 3 & 5 Class
Medlar View Elementary School
Miamisburg, Ohio

Snow Inside the House

Our class read Snow Inside the House by Sean Diviny. We actually read a lot of winter books, and voted on the one we liked the best. The students worked in two groups to compose their own versions of the story.
We used Kidspiration to web our ideas. We have transferred our stories to StoryBook Weaver Deluxe, but have had a few glitches with the program where we lost some work, and are having trouble getting them transferred them to a web friendly version. So the stories aren�t quite done.
We also worked on rhyming words and word families and created a matching game, as a class, using Kidspiration. My class really liked being on the computer to work instead of having to write everything. They loved using the graphics and adding their own ideas. We are happy to have this opportunity to share our work.  Below is our Kidspiration File.

Kidspiration Version 1 Download

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