Mrs. Chartier
Grade 1
McBride School
St. Helens, Oregon


Our class has been having fun doing "Potato Math." We estimated and checked the weight of our potato using tiles and a balance scale. We measured the potato's circumference with a string, and then measured the string with unifix cubes. We measured how long our potato was using unifix cubes, too. We counted the number of "eyes" on our potato and then compared with a friend to see whose potato had more "eyes." We drew a picture of our potato. Finally we decided our favorite way to eat potatoes. We tallied the answers, and then each of us made a class graph using that information. Have fun reading our graph and answering our questions about it!


1.  What was our class' favorite way to eat potatoes?

baked mashed french fries


2. What way to eat potatoes did the least number of kids like?

tator tots chips hash browns


3.  How many more kids chose mashed potatoes as their favorite than chose baked potatoes?

  2 6 3