Mrs. Jansen and Mrs. Criqui
Grade 2
Julia A Traphagen School
Waldwick, New Jersey


Second Grade children love animals, all kinds of animals. As part of our science unit, Living Things, we were able to incorporate their natural curiosity into a cross-curricular project.  First we decided to do research about creatures who have fins, fur and feathers. We went to our school library and the public library. We took out books on animals which fit into our specific categories.  After we read the books, we formed groups based on the characteristics we liked the most. The groups each wrote down facts they thought children would need to know in order to choose a special pet. The groups read their reports to the class.  After listening to all, the class voted.  Since we have been studying graphs in our math program, it was an extra special treat for us to see the results in this way!

Our Most Popular Pet

1.  Which type of pet was the most popular in our class?

Fish Rabbits Birds


2. What is the difference between the most and least popular pets?

four one fifteen


3.  How many students cast their votes in total?

  20 10 15