Ms. Daffurn
Year 1
Logan Reserve State School
Queensland, Australia


In Year One, in our state of Australia, we are 5 years of age when we start school, so some of us are just learning about numbers and counting out amounts. As our school year started on 29 January, the first graph we made for the year was a Candy Love-Heart Graph on Valentine's Day. We all chose a candy love-heart from a container (without looking!) and we graphed the different colours that were picked. Our principal said we were working on Probability - that's a bit advanced for us!

For the Graph Goodies project we made a graph to record our favourite of four 'Friendship' theme books we had read. All of the books had a lovely thought provoking story in them. We enjoyed them all, but as you can see two stories in particular were real favourites with most of the class.

We hope you enjoy answering our questions! Good Luck!



1.  How many people chose 'The Rainbow Fish' as their favourite book?

6 8 9


2. Which book was chosen as 'favourite' by the same number of people who chose 'The Rainbow Fish'?

Mike and Tony Jessica Henry and Amy


3.  Which book was chosen as the favourite by the least (smallest) number of people?

  Mike and Tony   Jessica Henry and Amy