Mrs. Dennison
Second Grade
Flower Mound Elementary School
Flower Mound, Texas


Our class has enjoyed graphing our favorite ways to eat Oreo cookies, the favorite body part of our first bite of gingerbread cookie, our favorite treat using cranberries, and most recently our insect and spider creations. We played graph bingo as a review of all of the vocabulary words and terms that are used in graphing.

As we followed the 2002 Winter Olympics, we tried to learn more about the bobsled and luge events. We even used this for our “Slip Sliding Sled Olympic Science Fair Project.” We used paper clips, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and straws for the runners on our miniature sleds and made a graph of the winners. Then we decided to research the countries that have won Olympic medals in the four man Bobsleigh Races. One of our students found and recorded the results from the Internet. Then we made a chart by countries and finally used Create a Graph for our bar graph showing the countries that have won medals in this Olympic event. We hope you enjoy our graph and also our web page and activities that correlate with the Olympics and the sport of bobsledding.


1.  What is the total number of medals that have been won by all of the countries on this graph?

54 52 57


2.  Which two countries have won a total of 14 medals?

Germany and Canada USA and Great Britain Italy and USA


3.  What was the first year that a medal was awarded in the Four Man Bobsled?

  2002 1944 1924