Mrs. Dunn
Grade K
Terryville Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


We first read a story about dinosaurs. Then we discussed our favorite ones using a student sheet. Next the class voted on their favorites and made a class graph of them. (No one voted for stegosaurus. One child felt sorry for him and wanted to change his vote but the rest of the class wouldn't let him!) Then we transferred the handmade graph to the computer. Finally, each child made his/her own copy of the class graph, colored dinosaurs, sang about them, AND received his/her own copy of our computer graph to take home.


1.  Which dinosaur did we like the best?

Apatosaurus Triceratops T-Rex


2. How many students voted for T-Rex?

2 5 7


3.  There was one dinosaur nobody liked. Which one was it?

  Triceratops Stegosaurus T-Rex