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Write a short introduction about your activity. Is it part of a thematic unit?  Was it done in a learning center, as a Modeled/Shared Writing, Interactive, or Independent Writing activity? This information will be helpful for teachers that want to replicate your lesson. If you decide to use a photo or scanned picture, please make sure that it can be easily read on a web site.  Encourage students to write bold and use bright colors that will show up on a web page.  Feel free to use any computer graphing program. If you are doing a graph in Excel, please send the file as an Excel file, all others can be gifs or jpgs.  Have your students create three multiple choice questions and the correct answers for their graphs. Their work will be part of an online graph workbook for lower primary children to enjoy. Feel free to  e-mail me any questions you might have.

An Example
This was part of an apple unit.



1.  What state grows the most apples?

Michigan Virginia Washington


2.  What state grows the least amount of apples?

West Virginia New York California


3.  Which two states grow the same amount of apples?

  Virginia and Pennsylvania California and New York Washington and Michigan