Ms. Friedman
Second Grade
Van Etten Elementary School
Van Etten, New York


Our class has spent the last month studying different countries. Our teacher put us with a partner and she got lots of books from our school library about different countries. We all looked through the books and, with our partner, we chose our four top choices. Then Ms. Friedman gave us our country – well, she really just gave us a book about the country.
We read our books and whenever we found something interesting, we wrote it down (in our own words.) Someone in our school made a web site for each of our countries. After we finished our books, we continued to research our country on computers in our library.
Finally, we each wrote our own report by putting all of the information together. Our teacher typed them up and we chose pictures to insert into our reports.
Our teacher made our graph using Word. We put in a picture and typed our country’s name to show which continent our country is in. We all wrote down questions to go with our graph and Ms. Friedman chose three of them for you. She tried to choose some that will make you think. We even get to take home copies of our graph to show our families! Have fun.

Countries and Continents


1.  How many different countries are we studying?

5 18 9


2.  How many more people are studying North America than Africa?

2 0 4


3.  Which continents each have two countries that are being studied?

  Africa & North America Africa & Asia Asia & South America