Mrs. Guinn
Grade K
Terryville Elementary
Port Jefferson Station, New York


We have been talking about and reading different stories about potatoes. We decided as a class to graph our favorite way you eat potatoes. We first generated a list for the different ways you can prepare potatoes and then we voted for 3 that we wanted to graph. Each child then voted for the way they liked their potato best. The children wrote their names and glued them onto our bar graph. Here is our graph and 3 questions that we brainstormed together for you to answer.


1.  What type of potato was liked the most?

Baked Potato Mashed Potato French Fries


2. What type of potato was liked the least?

Mashed Potato   Baked Potato French Fries


3.  Which potato had 6 children’s vote?

  French Fries Mashed Potato Baked Potato