Ms. Ryan-Hsu
Second Grade
George Washington Elementary School
Mohegan Lake, New York


As part of an educational grant based on the study of Communities, our second graders studied symbols that represent their state and how it relates to their community. After doing research on state facts, symbols, flower and bird the students took notes and developed projects based on this. One of the projects, I Love New York is what we based our graphing project on. We visited a website  and researched popular apple varieties in New York. After collecting our data and comparing the color, taste and uses we then took our sheets home to ask our families what their favorite apple was. This is how we related state information with our community. We generated the following Excel graph and questions from that tally.

What's My Favorite New York Apple?


1.  How many more McIntosh are there then Red Delicious?

71 17 137


2.  What is the most popular apple?

Red Delicious Idared McIntosh


3.  How many people like Honeycrisp and Fuji?

12 9 23