Mrs. Isenberg's Class
Second Grade
Holland Patent  Elementary School
Holland Patent, New York


Last week our class talked about the Winter Olympics. The children brought in newspaper articles and information off the web to share and discuss. We read about the mascots and the real life animals they represent. The children also had some worksheets about Utah and the Olympics to do at home as a family homework project. At the end of the week we did this graph of our favorite winter Olympic sport. First we discussed their favorite sport. Then I made the graph on Kidspiration. I scanned and imported the Olympic symbols.  Then the children inserted the symbol of their favorite sport and added their name. I printed out one copy of the graph and finally we generated a list of possible questions that could be asked about the graph.

What's Your Favorite Winter Olympic Sport?

1.  How many more children selected skating than luge?

two three four


2.  How many fewer children selected skiing than snowboarding?

two three one


3.  How many children picked luge, skeleton, and snowboarding altogether?

  eleven six ten