Mrs. Kreul
Second Grade
Richards Elementary School
Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin


While the 2002 Winter Olympics were being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, our second graders had many activities in Phy Ed class which were patterned after Olympic events. Students participated in curling, bob sledding, giant slalom skiing, ice hockey, cross country skiing, and mogul skiing. Because they enjoyed their activities, students decided that Winter Olympic sports would be a good topic for their graph.

Children and adults in the Milwaukee area were very involved in watching and talking about the Olympics because many of the skaters trained here at the Petit Ice Center. Chris Witty, who won the gold medal for speed skating, and several other famous skaters including Bonnie Blair and Dan Jansen, are from our area.

To make their graph, students talked about popular Winter Olympic sports and why people liked them the most. Students nominated and voted for their top five favorite Winter Olympic sports then voted again for their individual favorites out of the five choices.

The graph was made using AppleWorks with the matching graphics inserted to create the border. We worked together to create three questions which could be answered by using information on the graph. Have fun answering our questions!


1.  How many more students chose figure skating than speed skating?

seven four two


2.  Which two sports add up to the same number as the sport of bobsledding?

snowboarding and speed skating speed skating and ski jumping figure skating and ski jumping


3.  Which sport got one half of of the votes that figure skating has?

  snowboarding ski jumping bobsled