The following web sites have interactive activities to develop and reinforce math skills for your lower primary students.  Please let me know any sites that you would like to add to this list.
Susan Silverman
  • The Tour de Math  Lower primary students should take the beginner level but their older brothers and sisters may want to try the advanced race.
  • Create a Graph  Students can create and print their own graphs.  Easy!
  • Math Journey  Pick your skill level.  This activity is part of Quia Check out their other activities.
  • Graph It!  Very basic but perfect to teach young children basic concepts.  My second graders had so much fun with this program.  They printed their graphs at home and brought them to school to share with their classmates.  Here is an example of how I used it last year with a first grade class.
  • Change It!  This is a nice to supplement your unit on money.
  • Online Coin Activities My friend Pattie Knox created these for the Franklin Institute last year. They are wonderful.  Everything Pattie does is wonderful!
  • Convert It!  Try this when you are working on measurement.
  • Compare It! Your students will enjoy learning working those >, <, and = signs!
  • Place Value  Here is a wonderful homework assignment!
  • Mad Math Minutes  You won't have to strain your eyes checking this work,  the reinforcement is at your students' fingertips!
  • Math Advantage  These activities can be used with any math program.
  • A Matter of Time These print and interactive materials are brought to you by the Franklin Museum Online Educators.  You will find enjoy this with your clock unit.  My contribution to this resource is Community of Clocks.  You will find two interactive Roman Numeral activities.
  • Fun Brain There are several math activities for your students. My kids loved Math Baseball.
  • AAA Math Hundreds of pages of math skills and interactive activities!