Mrs. Madden
Second Grade
Brushy Creek Elementary School
Taylors, South Carolina


During a unit on nutrition, our class decided to begin a community service project. Students collected cans of non-perishable food items to give to a local shelter. As students brought in food, they had to sort it into the right collection bin (food group). The cans/boxes of food were also used for other activities while we had them in the classroom. For example, children could use the nutrition information found on the labels for many activities. At the end of our nutrition unit and food drive, students counted the total number of cans collected and we made the following graph in KidPix to show the results of the four participating classes. (We rounded the amount to the nearest five). Then the children in my class tallied how many cans of each food group were collected and made individual graphs to show this using Graph Club. What a great way to incorporate health, math, and community service.


1.  How many cans of food did Room 3 collect?

90 85 80


2.  How many more cans of food did Room 2 collect than Room 4?

25 30 35


3.  How many cans were collected during the food drive?

  410 310 400