Mrs. McGowan
First Grade
H. W. Mountz  Elementary School
Spring Lake, New Jersey


In preparation for the study of money, our class reviewed coin identification. Handfuls of coins were sorted and quantities graphed in various ways. One of the most fun ways was to create a "human graph" with students taking the role of quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies and lining up in columns. Can you guess which coin everyone wanted to be?

We also made bar graphs and pictographs of individual student work. We used Anthony's work to demonstrate our activities:

Students were given a handful of coins to sort
and color boxes to show the number of each coin:

Questions About Anthony's Graph

1.  Which coin had the greatest number?

quarter nickel penny


2.  How many more pennies are there than dimes?

4 2 5


3.  Which 2 coin groups added together have the same number as the pennies?

  quarters and nickels dimes and nickels quarters and dimes