Ms. Medina
Grade 1/Dual Language
South Huntington, New York


In our Spanish as a Second Language class we are studying the theme “I am unique”. The children created books about themselves in Spanish. They described themselves, listed their favorite things, and wrote about their families. We also spoke about what they would like to be when they grew up. We read the book Mi Libro de Los Oficios, which introduced us to different occupations.

In preparing to make our graph the children voted on the different occupations they wanted to include. The graph was then filled with the information each child gave. We then created two graphs with the information, a pictograph and a bar graph. We used English and Spanish to make our graphs. Enjoy!


1.  Two children want to be principals, and four children want to be teachers. How many more children want to be teachers?

three six two


2. Andrew and Stephanie decided to be principals instead of veterinarians. Now, there would be the same number of children wanting to be a principal as …?

Doctor Teacher Police


3. What is the total number of children that want to be policemen, doctor, and veterinarians?

  16 15 17