Miss Moskowitz
First Grade
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


Our class is beginning a thematic unit on Australian animals.  Mrs. Silverman, our computer teacher came to our classroom with her laptop and projector. We visited some web sites that had interesting animal photos.  We will be learning about six animals.  Miss Moskowitz asked us to select the animal that we are most excited to learn about.  After listing the animals, we helped Mrs. Silverman create a graph.  We chose the colors and type of graph.  As a shared writing activity we came up with three questions and answers about our graph.  Once we finish our unit we will create another graph to show which animals we found to be the most fascinating. This unit is going to be so much fun!


1.  Which is the Australian animal that most of us want to study?

Koala Tasmanian Devil Kangaroo


2.  Which Australian animal is the least favorite to be studied?

Koala Echidna Kookaburra


3.  How many students altogether want to study kangaroos and koalas?

  seven two nine