Mrs. Roth
First Grade
Christ Episcopal School
Covington, Louisiana


As the technology coordinator, I take what the teachers are doing in the classroom and complement it with technology extensions in the computer lab. During the month of February, First Grade teachers, Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Weissmann were doing a unit called Symbols of America. They introduced the unit with the video “U.S. Symbols” from the The United States Video Collection. The students created a class book called Proud To Be An American and made a classroom quilt with drawings of American Symbols. During this time, I had the students find symbols of America and create a web in Kidspiration. We then brainstormed and came up with a symbol that began with very letter of the alphabet and created a classroom ABC book using Kid Pix. Once we narrowed our favorite symbols down to five, (The White House, The Liberty Bell, The Statue of Liberty, The Presidential Seal and the Bald Eagle) the students voted on the favorite symbol by secret ballot and we graphed our votes using The Graph Club.


1.   What was the favorite American Symbol?

Liberty Bell White House The Bald Eagle


2.   How many students voted for the Bald Eagle?

14 16 15


3.   Which symbol has the least amount of votes?

  Presidential Seal White House and The Statue of Liberty The Bald Eagle