Mrs. Thompson's Class
Second Grade
Tanglewood Elementary School
Lumberton, North Carolina


Our class was very excited about the 2002 Winter Olympics. The children really didn't know much about the different winter sports, so it was hard for them to pick a favorite. We decided to make a graph of the number of medals the United States won. Each day, we would talk about the medals the United States had won the night before and go to the Internet to find pictures of the winners. We cut out the pictures, typed a brief description (name and sport) and glued it under the appropriate medal: gold, silver, or bronze on our graph. We kept our graph outside our classroom so that other class could see how many medals the United States was winning. At the end of the Olympics, we had a wonderful picture graph of our Olympic winners. We also put our information into an Excel graph


1.  How many gold medals did the United States win in the 2002 Winter Olympics?

10 15 0


2.  How many medals did the United States win altogether?

12 24 34


3.  How many more silver medals did the United States win than bronze medals?

  3 2 5