Ms. Vickers
Grade K
Maple Elementary
Avon, Indiana


We have been exploring bugs in our class. We have read about them, we wrote a class big book about a caterpillar, and we observed different kinds of real bugs and plastic bugs. We counted bugs, made them out of clay, observed them, sorted them, grouped them, classified them, and graphed them. We have had a really fun time learning about all kinds of bugs. Some of our favorite books were The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, and Step By Step by Diane Wolkstein. We made our favorite bug out of clay, and we graphed it on our graphing mat. Cassidy wrote the labels for us. After we discussed our graph, we each reproduced our graph in KidPix. With only six girls in our class of nineteen, the girls have decided that the outcome was determined because we have so many boys. When you look at the graph, you will know why they came to that conclusion! Then, we printed the graphs out so we can share them at home. We looked at our graph and decided what questions we would like to ask. We have enjoyed our bugs theme!

Bug Graph

1.  Which bug had the most votes?

butterfly spider ant


2. Which bug was the least favorite?

ladybug butterfly ant


3.  How many votes does the butterfly need to beat the spider?

  7 3 1