Miss Wilson
Grade 2
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York


For several weeks our class has been learning about bears. Some of our activities have included constructing Venn Diagrams comparing and contrasting different types of bears, creating several types of poems, including acrostic and haiku, and writing about our favorite types of bears. Using our shared reading "Favorite Bear" by Georgia Heard as a springboard, we created an interactive writing graph illustrating our favorite bears. Working collaboratively, students formulated questions about the graph for the project. Students recreated our class graph and wrote and illustrated facts about their favorite bears using Kidpix.

Favorite Bear
By Miss Wilson's Class

We are learning about bears!  We graphed our favorite bears.
Panda Bears won with the most votes.
Polar Bears came in second place with 7 votes.
One student liked the black bear.


1.  How many children in all liked Panda, Polar, and Sun bears?

19 20 24


2. How many bears did we like in all?

21 22 15


3.  How many more students liked the Black Bear than the Grizzly Bear?

  0 3 1