Kidspired Frosty Tales Feedback
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Name: Mrs. Reingold and Class
From: USA
Website: Time To Sleep
Date / Time: Sunday, March 02, 2003       1:19:05 PM

We had so much fun learning about hibernation and waking up the plants and animals for Spring. We are sorry we couldn't do it sooner for all our guests! We loved looking at all the other projects and trying them out! Applause to the Frosty Tale classes all over the USA! A great big thank you to Mrs. Silverman for all her help and encouragement and all the "morning mothers" who helped us!

Name: Michele Nash
From: USA
Website: Mrs. Nash's Second Grade Class
Date / Time: Monday, February 24, 2003       2:08:18 PM

Once again, we had a blast participating in another innovative adventure. Your projects always give teachers a new way of looking at the curriculum. I always love the way you suggest various literature activities as well as incorporate select internet links to keep the young minds stimulated! My students are beginning to "Master" Kidspiration thanks to this wonderful learning experience. Every template on this site can be adapted for my classroom use in one way or another! Wow! I have shared this site with the teachers in my building. I am sure they will find it just as useful as I have! Susan and Pattie, you've done it again!!!!! Thanks for another "FUN-derful" Learning experience! :-) Michele

Kidspired Frosty Tales Total Guests: 7 Sign Our Guestbook