Mrs. Cloer's First Grade Class
Mitchell Road Elementary School
Greenville, South Carolina
My River  Houghton Mifflin Basal Series

Our class enjoyed reading the book My River. It is part of our Hello basal series. We have an ongoing project developed around many multi-cultural versions of Cinderella. During October we are reading the various Native American versions. Our discussion of My River led us to think about Native Americans use a river. We considered the how the Indians might use each of the animals and plants that are mentioned in the book. Following you will find our story:

How Indians Use The River

Indians like the river. They use many things from the river to live. They use them to make their homes or shelter. They use them for food. They use them for clothing and jewelry.

Indians use logs to make their homes. They also use muskrats and plants. They build their homes near the river so they can have water.

Indians make their clothing from many things. They use skins from muskrats and other animals. They use eel, also. They make jewelry and other decorations from plants, ducks, and turtle shells. Indians eat things from the river. They eat crayfish, fish, and eel. They also eat frog. They might even eat muskrats. They use plants to decorate their clothing and to make jewelry.

Indians use the river for many things.


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