Mrs. Crisafulli's First Grade
May E. Reynolds Elementary School
Baldwinsville, New York

Various Versions of Cinderella

I began by introducing the idea of a matrix to the students as a way of organizing information about books so that we can find patterns in the stories. After reading a version of Cinderella that most the children were familiar with (Cinderella, Disney), we filled in the matrix (see below) for that story. Later we read a second version, (Bigfoot Cinderrrrella, Tony Johnston, James Warhola, K. Gilson) and completed the matrix for that story. The children begin to see connections between the two books right away, but also noticed the significant differences.

After discussing the matrix and finding patterns in the Cinderella versions, we began brainstorming the elements that would go in our version. Some of the patterns from the other versions remained in tact, for example, the mean step sisters, Cinderella losing an item and the fact that there is a prince and he and Cinderella live happily ever after. The differences however, were what made our version unique.

Once our elements were brainstormed, I sat at the computer and typed the story as they told me how to write it. It really was fun and all the kids were engaged and ready. We “wrote” and revised and laughed!

Several children became so excited about the prospect of our crazy version, they asked if we could put on a play. We spent a good portion of the afternoon acting out our version of Cinderella. For homework that evening, the children read or listened to an adult read our version, Spacerella. Their job was to create a “movie in their head” as they read/listened and to create an illustration for the story. We shared them the following day.

As a wrap up, the kids completed the Kidspiration activity.



           Once upon a time there was an alien girl named Spacerella.  She lived on the moon in a rocket ship with her nice step mom and her mean stepsisters.  The mean stepsisters would lock Spacerella in her room and her mom would let her out.

       When Spacerella was getting ready for the ball at the bowling alley on Jupiter, her mean stepsisters locked her in her room.  All of a sudden a fairy astronaut poofed into her room and gave her a flying car.  He dressed her in a blue sparkly shirt, a pink fuzzy dress, glass slippers and a rose in her hair.  The most beautiful thing of all was her new golden tooth.  The alien prince loved golden teeth.  The fairy astronaut told her that she had to be home by midnight or the spell would be broken.

      Spacerella went to the ball and bowled a strike!  The clock struck midnight and as she ran she lost her golden tooth.  The alien prince found the golden tooth and went looking for his beautiful bride. 

      He search and searched the universe and finally found Spacerella on the moon.  The golden tooth fit! 

      Then they lived happily ever after.

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