Ms Daffurn's Year One (Kindergarten) Class
Logan Reserve State School
Queensland, Australia

Possum Magic by Mem Fox

In class we have been examining the elements in stories. We have been looking at settings, characters and events. 'Possum Magic' by Mem Fox is a modern day Australian classic that is well loved by children. We innovated on the text and created a story about a unicorn named Magic Wings. You will need to read our story to complete the Kidspiration activity we have submitted for this project. Put the settings (countries) in the right order, and match the events (food eaten) to the countries. You will need to click and drag the images to the correct positions. If the children in your class know something of the different foods eaten around the world, or even the history of food in other countries (e.g. the Irish potato famine) then they might be able to guess which food Magic Wings eats in each country before they read the story. Happy Reading! From Year 1D

Our Story:

Once upon a time there was a unicorn named Magic Wings. Magic Wings did indeed have magic wings! With his magic wings he could fly around the world. Wherever he went he made magical things happen for everyone he met.

One day Magic Wings lost the magic from his wings. He couldn't fly anymore. His wings just would not work. His unicorn family asked a fairy named Tinkerbell for help.

Tinkerbell was a clever fairy and she knew just how to help Magic Wings. She told him he would have to fly around the world and eat the special food he could find in five countries.

Magic Wings lived in Australia. He had to start his journey there. Then he had to fly around the world to four more countries on the way back to Australia. Tinkerbell told Magic Wings that by the time he got back to Australia the magic would be back in his wings. Then he would be able to fly and make magical things happen again.

In Summer icy cold ice-blocks are a favourite food of many people in Australia. Magic Wings started his journey by eating an ice-block in Australia.

Then Tinkerbell gave Magic Wings a colourful hot air balloon. First he used the balloon to fly to China. In China he ate a fortune cookie. Magic Wings tried his wings, but they would not flap.

From China, Magic Wings flew in the hot air balloon across the Pacific Ocean to the United States of America. In the USA he ate an apple pie. Magic Wings flapped his wings, but he could not lift off the ground.

From the USA Magic Wings flew in the hot air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland. In Ireland Magic Wings ate a potato with sour cream and cheese. Then Magic Wings flapped his wings. He could lift off the ground but he could not fly. He fell down.

From Ireland Magic Wings flew in the hot air balloon across Europe to India. Magic Wings ate a bowl of rice in India. He flapped his wings and he flew for a short time but then he fell down again.

From India Magic Wings flew in the hot air balloon across the Indian Ocean back to Australia. When he landed in Australia Magic Wings got out of the hot air balloon and tried his wings. He flapped and flapped his wings and flew until he found Tinkerbell at the Fairy Ring. Magic Wings said a big thank you to Tinkerbell.

Magic Wings flew home to his unicorn family. They were so glad to see him home. They were so excited to see him flying again! They knew he would once again be able to fly around the world making magical things happen wherever he went.


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