Miss Florin's Second Grade Class
Clinton Avenue Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard

Miss Florin/Ms. Sowa's second grade class decided to rewrite their own version of a favorite read-aloud story, Miss Nelson is Missing . They brainstormed ideas for the story which Miss Florin recorded using shared writing on class charts and a class story map. The children then wrote their own version of the story called The Principal is Missing using a mixture of interactive and shared writing. This collaborative project took about a month to complete. After completing the written part of the story the children illustrated pieces of the story in groups. We hope you enjoy our version of the story. Click HERE to see our Interactive Writing and drawings.

The Principal is Missing

The children at our school were so well-behaved. Mrs. F., our principal, was so proud of us. Everyone did their homework and everyone listened. At lunchtime, everyone cleaned up their mess and no one fought.

One day when we came to school, Mrs. F. wasn't there. No one knew where she was. She was kidnapped!!

The children decided to run the school. They decided to put room 107/108 in charge. First they made some new rules:

1. No homework!
2. Recess all day!
3. Do not obey the teachers!
4. Pets are allowed in school!

The children just played all day. At art, the children painted on the walls. In the cafeteria, they had a food fight and a water balloon fight. The teachers were going nuts!!!

After school, the children even drove the bus home. No one was sitting down and no one had on their seatbelts.

Something had to be done! The teachers decided to try to find the principal. They searched in the kitchen, the janitor's closet, the girls' locker room, the roof, and the big closet in the gym. They couldn't find her anywhere! Then they realized that they forgot to check the boys' locker room. So they ran to the gym. They found her tied up in the closet of the boys' locker room. They untied her. Boy, was she MAD!!!

Mrs. F. walked by the cafeteria and she stopped to look at the mess and she said, "What on earth happened here?" She stormed off to her office to make some announcements. She said, "I'm back and the party is over. Room 107/108 must start cleaning up now and everyone else must help. And get this DOG OFF MY FOOT!"

And that was that. The children cleaned up and became the most well-behaved school ever.


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