Mrs. Guber's Second Grade Reading Class
Boyle Road Elementary School
Port Jefferson Station, New York

A Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

We read the story The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle as a class. We discussed describing words (adjectives) and naming words (nouns). Each of my second grade reading groups created their own class version using an adjective and a noun in the title. Each group made sure their story had a beginning, a middle, and an ending. Working with partners, the students illustrated the story and wrote the sentences from the story that describe their pictures. As a class, we put the pictures in the correct order. Now the students will use the Kidspiration graphic organizer to retell the story of The Very Busy Spider. The graphic organizer can then be modified to retell their own stories as well.

The Very Grumpy Ghost

Once upon a time there was a grumpy ghost.  He was looking for a new house to haunt.  He was grumpy because he couldn't find a house.  First, he used a map.  He still couldn't find a house because he couldn't read the map.  Next he asked his friend to read the map.  He still couldn't find the house because his friend couldn't read the map.  Then he flew to the graveyard to find a house.  He still couldn't find a house because there were no houses in the graveyard.  Finally, he found a house in the city and someone was living there.  He got in the house and scared the man away and haunted the house forever and was never grumpy again.

The Very Happy Hamster

Once upon a time there was a sad hamster at a pet shop.  He was sad because he did not have an owner.  He tried to be very cute so someone would pick him.  First, he ran on his wheel, but no one took him home.  Next, he tried getting in bed, but no one took him home.  Then he tried to go to the obstacle course, but no one took him home.  Finally, when he was sleeping someone picked him and took him home, and now he has an owner.

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