Mrs. Hall's First Grade Class
South Lebanon Elementary School
Maineville, Ohio

Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews

Our class has completed its project based on the book, 10 black dots. We read the book together and shared other ideas of what we could make from dots. After that we created a web on Kidspiration of some of the different ideas, those ideas were used to start our book. After making the book, we made a Power-Point presentation of our book to share with others on the Internet.

One red dot can be an alligator...

Or a butterfly!

Two red dots can make some art work...

Or a dirt bike.

Three red dots can make a mouse...

Or a skate going downhill!

4 red dots can make a person...

Or a fan!

5 red dots can make flying ice cream...

Or apples in a tree!

6 red dots can make an arrow flying high.

7 red dots can make a school of fish...

Or a yummy candy bar!

8 red dots can make a flower...

Or a submarine.

9 red dots can make a bird's beak....

Or a lollypop, or even a...

Happy Smiley Face!!

10 red dots are all that's left.

Can you guess what they make?

10 red dots can make a garden of beautiful color!


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