Developing New Literacies:
Learn more about the new literacies from this article by Donald J. Leu, Jr. who holds the John and Maria Neag Endowed Chair in Literacy and Technology at the University of Connecticut's Neag School of Education.
The Literacy Web
This site is probably the most updated and comprehensive literacy web around. Read the latest literacy online publications; find useful literacy strategies for your classroom and access current research on the topic.
Learning to Read
A gold mine of resources for language arts and reading research!
Supporting Literacy through Technology
This exemplary web site features word, reading and writing development. It offers links to interactive skill building activities.
Reading Language Arts Early Literacy Resources
A treasure chest stocked with guided reading information for grades PK-8
Literacy Lane
While traveling on the super highway don't forget to stop off at Literacy Lane. You'll find a wealth of information on Guided Reading Blvd., Writing Ave., and some other interesting stops.



Printable Kidspiration Symbol Library - Inspiration software provides this .pdf file showing all of the graphics contained in Kidspiration's graphic libraries. Handy to print out and keep by your computer!
Printable Inspiration Symbol Library - Inspiration software provides this .pdf file showing all of the graphics contained in Inspiration's graphic libraries. Handy to print out and keep by your computer!

Visual Learning Web Links
This page has various links to other sites that provide information and/or ideas relating to using Kidspiration, Inspiration, or Visual Learning.From Cathy Chamberlain, Oswego City School District.

Innovative Teaching - Inspiration and Kidspiration - from Innovative Teacher Newsletter presented by Walter McKenzie. Includes a hot list of sites with ideas, examples and templates which you can use to help make the most of Kidspiration and Inspiration.

Ideas for Using Kidspiration
From St. Bonaventure University, supported by the U.S. Department of Education's Preparing Tomorrow's Teacher's to Use Technology Program.

Kidspiration Resources Hotlist
A wonderful resource from Plymouth Schools in Massachusetts
MCCSC Technology Skills Assessments 
Evaluate your students knowledge of Kidspiration (or your own!) with this checklist from Monroe County Community School Corporation in Bloomington, IN. The list is also provided in Microsoft Word format.

Inspiration Templates and Ideas
An excellent resource prepared by Becky Hicks of Cape Girardeau
Public Schools, Cape Girardeau, MO. Be sure to pay a visit!



Learning Resources Graphic Organizers
Explore the use of paper, computer-based, and online graphic organizers. From Teacher Tap - Professional Development Resources for Educators.
Using Graphic Organizers to Construct Meaning
From EdTech Online. Use of materials from this web site are provided to assist in the process of improving the quality of education everywhere. Therefore, you may use these materials freely, as is, if you are a full-time teacher or administrator for work within a school district. All other uses, in part or whole, must be granted permission by an author.

Graphic Organizers - A Teacher and Student Tool
A listing of great web sites and print resources that define and exhibit a variety of graphic organizers from Educational Services, Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Graphic Organizers
This resource is loaded with information about various
graphic organizers. An A+ resource!