Ms. Raab's First Grade
George Washington Elementary School
Mohegan Lake, New York
Trucks by Donald Crews

Our class has been doing an author study on Donald Crews. One of the books we read was Trucks. This book is a picture book with no words. Our class decided to write our own words to the book. We tried to use the same style that Donald Crews used in some of his other books, such as School Bus and Freight Train.

The truck is carrying bikes.

It is stopping.

It is turning.

See the smoke coming out of the truck.

The truck is stuck in traffic.

The truck goes in the tunnel.

The truck comes out of the tunnel.

Going down a hill!

Time for a break.

It is raining hard now.

The truck goes through the country.

One crazy highway!

It is foggy now.

The truck heads east.

The store get to the store.

Time to unpack the truck!


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